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Sheer Madness...

Apologies for the break in transmission, but it came with good reason! Wheels have been turning at warp speed in the Matt Voodoo camp. Since we last touched base, Matt V. has been gigging with Mike Zero & his Riot Ensemble and The New Guard owned the RockBühne at MyFest in Berlin with new recruit on bass, Adrian Gray (Needle Exchange, ex-Reverend Backflash). Some more great photos from Lens-Master Zolle coming soon! 

Matt Voodoo has also contributed a new solo-recorded acoustic version of his song Love(Sick) to Director Florian Gottschick ( ) and  Almost Famous Productions to be featured in his new Thriller, Nachthelle.

But Wait...

Now comes the Big News...

Matt Voodoo will be performing at Berlin's Legendary Wintergarten Theatre as a part of a brand new musical produced by Markus Pabst and BASE Berlin entitled Der Helle Wahnsinn! Based in an insane asylum in postwar Germany, Strewn with Outrageous Spectacles, Moving Music and Dark, Provocative Humor, Matt V. not only supports the performers musically on Guitar and Double Bass but also takes centerstage as the American Freakshow Producer/Ringleader, Mr. Wonderland. The show debuts on July 16th and runs every Wed. - Sun. until October 5th.

For more info, go to >>>

As a result, the next weeks hold your last chance to see Matt Voodoo in action on a Punk-Rock stage until Autumn. Matt will be joining Mike Zero for two more shows on July 11th at Wild at Heart in Berlin, DE and at the beloved, incredbile Mighty Sounds Festival on July 12th in Tabor, CZ (near Prague).

But, well before that come see a rare Matt Voodoo Acoustic Solo set on June 25th at Auster-Club in Berlin with Filthy Still (Farmageddon Records).



There's No Business Like Show Business...

This weekend brings Herr Voodoo to the city that made him fall in love with D-land in the first place - Cologne - for two very different yet equally entertaining evenings!

First a night of Punk Rock & Roll at Sonic Ballroom with Mike Zero & HDQ (UK Hardcore Veterans) on Fri 15 Nov

Then, Saturday Night brings Matt to the beautiful Gloria Theater for Carrousel Ooh-La-La where, for the first time ever, he'll be singing LIVE to Roxy Diamond's "Bird of Paradise" show

Neither should be missed!

Also, a little down the line, but equally exciting: THE NEW GUARD will finally be making their Berlin debut at WILD AT HEART on January 17th next year! Mark your calendars & prepare to have your face melted!

Finally, for those of you who may have missed out on the past tour dates, here are some cool shots from the past few shows:

Mike Zero at Hafenklang/Hamburg

Mike Zero at Pelmke/Hagen

The New Guard at Neue Spinnerei/Dülmen

all photos by Tim Hackemack Photography -



Enjoy your Day of the Dead...

More Photos & Tourdates coming next week, but for now: Raise some Hell for Samhain!

Happy Halloween from Matt Voodoo, The Iron Vines, & The New Guard!


Last Minute Additions...

Two new dates have been tacked on to the front of Mike Zero's Rock'n'Roll Junkie tour in support of the legendary Ski King with his Country Trash band. Also, at the end of the month, Matt Voodoo will be doing a workshop for young bands at the Neue Spinnerei in Dülmen, DE. While he's there he's going to be jumping on the bill with Brassknuckle Boys & Good Knives from the good ol' US of A & giving the good folks of Dülmen a sneak peak of his new band, THE NEW GUARD!

More news on THE NEW GUARD to come only later this year, so don't miss out on this exclusive sneak peak!


The Shape of Things to Come...

Matt Voodoo & Mike Zero have been working hard in the legendary Woodhouse Studios with the one & only Siggi Bemm to bring you a brand new record from your favorite Riot Ensemble. Though the full length will not be released until earliest next year, the very generous Mike Zero has decided to give you a taste by releasing two of the new songs along with 6 other classics on a limited edition 10" Vinyl entitled: Rock & Roll Junkie!

The new songs feature Matt Voodoo on guitar, Mike Zero on Vocals & Bass, Bobby Schotkowski (Ex-Sodom) on Drums plus special guests Chris Van Helsing (ex-Mike Zero) & Lea Randella (Ski's Country Trash) on guitar & backing vox respectively.

This very limited edition 10" is available on November 4th & can only be acquired at live shows (tour dates below) or directly online through

In other news, The rumble beyond the horizon is getting closer & the time will come soon to announce my new line-up, band name & tourdates! Keep checking in here & on facebook  for the latest >>>

The Iron Vines have also awoken from slumber & are heading towards the studio. For the latest on this project go to >>><<<

In the meantime, The Boomtown Three have been taking Berlin by storm! We're chompin' at the bit for more but  don't have our next gig until December in White Trash Fast Food! If you want a party, you came to the right place! For booking contact or write the band directly at


You Can Take the Boy Outta the 'Billy, You Can't Take the 'Billy Outta the Boy....


I'm very happy to announce that I've officially started gigging with my good friends Mr Kris Sinister & Pete Deville! I've been busking with these guys for a couple months now but now we're bringing the show to a stage near you soon! We're calling ourselves The Boomtown Three (Thanks for the name Trixi Trainwreck) & bringin' you Bastard Boogie-Woogie, Sizzling Soul, Dirty Blues & Neo-Billy with Punk-Rock Freak-Beat Attitude! We're aimin' to be a No-Bullshit Good-Time Party Band designed for Drinkin', Dancin' & Drownin' Yer Sorrows!

First show, if you don't catch us making noise somewhere on the streets of Berlin, is on August 14th at Bassy Country Club on Schönhauser Allee in Berlin!



Join The New Guard...

Are you a talented Musician living in or near Berlin? Do you love to be onstage & tour? Are you sick of the same old shit? Do you want to make an impact?

If the answer is yes, you may have what it takes to become a part of The New Guard.

For more info contact


The Dust Settles for a Moment...

After a couple months straight on the road, the tides bring me back to Berlin. This tour of duty with such a wide variety of Cohorts & Companions has been insanely fun & deeply insightful. To finally present my songs with a band behind me again was long over due &, though I adore all the bands I play for, to do a month-long USA-style no-bullshit no-breaks run playing good ol' Street Punk with fellow Californians was nothing short of a revelation. It was real good for the soul, gave me some overdue perspective on my now almost 5-years in Berlin & was a much needed reminder of who I am & where I come from. As a result, I've decided to make a few adjustments in course & have some big plans cooking. 

Normally, I would already be back on tour until August right now with Crystal Castles but those plans have changed. The next couple months will find me in home-harbor Berlin: working on a new project, planning a new attack under the Voodoo-flag for Autumn (More news & info to come soon) & offering my skills as a session musician. At the end of August I will join up once again with Mike Zero, this time in the studio & come November, at the latest, I will be back on the road! Concert Dates will be posted, along with an announcement & Bio, in the very near future. 

A Big Thanks to Soulshakers Dan Flamm & Pat Westerwelt for backing/tolerating me for a week, as well as to everyone who made it out for this first tour with a band. A Huge Cheers to Kris Sinister for joining me in Schaffhausen & Berlin on the Upright, he sure know how to rock a stage. A Massive Pupendo to the boys & crew of RAT CITY RIOT for an amazing month, I miss you guys already & can't wait to work with y'all again. A Deep Bow to the ladies & gents of Club Alpha in Schwäbische Hall for a great weekend, beautiful city with beautiful folks. Can't wait 'til next time!

For those who couldn't make the shows, here's a glimpse of what you missed....

Matt Voodoo & the Soulshakers 2013



* * *

Rat City Riot European Tour 2013

Photos 1,3 & 5 - Knipsmack Tim Hackemack Photography

* * *

Roc-a-chica in Schaffhausen



* * *

 For booking requests, please contact Jan at

For requests regarding Sessions, Fill-in work or anything else, please contact me at


Voodoo on the Road...

I've been getting messages from folks on Facebook who seem to be, not surprisingly, a bit confused about my hectic upcoming tour schedule & band involvement. So let me take a second to clear it all up...

The tour with Mike Zero was a blast but has unfortunately passed. With the exception of a make-up show in Dortmund on a date to be confirmed, you either rocked out with us or missed out. As for a next time, nothing is set in stone but, I would wager to say this isn't the last time Mike Z & Matt V will share a stage. You can keep an eye on for a News on that!

Next week, I kick off my first Solo-tour with a Band backing me up & y'all are in for a show! 7-Days straight, starting in Eindhoven at one of my favorite spots, The Rambler, then tearing Deutschland a new one until we hit walltown Berlin & rock Wild at Heart once again! Complete tourdates are up in the Shows section, Tickets are ON SALE NOW & can be pre-purchased at !

No rest for the wicked, because straight after my solo-tour I hit the road with my old pals from San Diego, CA - RAT CITY RIOT! I'll be joining them on guitar for their 2013 European tour. We'll be showing Europe & Eastern Europe how to kick ass SoCal-style all April & May! Check out the Shows section for tourdates or go to !

I'll be with RCR the entire tour except for just one day on the 30th of April, where I'll be jumping over to Schaffhausen, CH for a special-event at the Güterhof! My Double-bass slapping buddy Mr. Kris Sinister & I will be showing Schaffhausen what the blues is about with a special acoustic performance. Between all the Gorgeous Gals, pretty-boy Kris's frantic slapping & my howling....there won't be a dry seat in the house! >>>

See you on the road & don't forget to get a taste of the new Matt Voodoo band streaming for FREE at




You can steal my guitar, but you'll never steal my soul! You can drag me through the dirt, but you'll never touch my pride!

Yer flappin' lips can't fool us, cause we're stronger than before! You'll never break us down, we will NEVER SAY DIE!


Regardless of the rough ending, the Easter Tour with Mike Zero was a blast! So many new & familiar faces, it was a real pleasure to be on the road again, especially with such cool guys. We're planning on making up the Dortmund show that was postponed due the Van incident in Prague at some point. Keep an eye on for news on that.

But NOW, it's time to get another kinda party started! The Time is Nigh, Motherf*ckers!

MATT VOODOO is back on the road & this time it's Not-So-Solo! Two of the fastest guns in town, Dan Flamm & Pat West, are joining on a blast through Germany from Eindhoven to Berlin! Check out the SHOWS listing right here at for the latest dates!


We'll be bringing a Blues-Soul-Punk-n-Roll extravaganza to your very doorstep Deutschland PLUS a 4-track EP for Dirt Cheap including a brand new song called "The Gilded Gallows" which you can sneak a peek at now at

Spread the word & see you on the road!




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